The low cost of living province in Thailand


          Every area in Thailand has both high and low cost of living provinces as is customary. There are several characteristics that determine whether provinces have a high or low cost of living, including food costs, transportation costs, geography, and others. I would list the following provinces in Thailand for you to consider when entering Thailand:

1.      The Vicinity area

          Samutprakarn province has one of the lowest cost of living or expenses in the surrounding area, with a monthly cost of roughly 21,423 Baht. Because Samutprakarn has a flea market, the cost of consuming goods is very low, assisting the whole community in the region in lowering their cost of living. Other campaigns besides the flea market exist, such as the blue frag project.

2.      The Central region

          Suphanburi province has the lowest cost of living in the central area, with monthly costs of roughly 14,558 Baht. Because it is not an industrial area, it is one of the places where many people are migrating to this province for lower living costs, a good atmosphere, and a better environment. Furthermore, Suphanburi residents will obtain a state welfare card, which would lower transportation costs by up to 500 Baht per month.

3.      The North region

          Mae Hong Son, located in northern Thailand, has the lowest cost of living. The monthly average expenditure is 11,243 Baht. The Thai government has “Mae Hong Son Pilot projects” aimed at alleviating poverty. Amphoe Mueang Mae Hong Son had the most households, accounting for 22.06 percent of the total population of 275,884 individuals. However, farming and architecture are the primary occupations of the majority of the population. According to statistics, the average monthly income in Mae Hong Son subdistrict is 12,268.80 Baht. It is under blue flag products that the goods are less expensive.

4.      The Northeast region

          Kalasin province in Thailand has the lowest cost of living, which is roughly 13,076 Baht per month. The Kalasin Provincial Cooperative League organizes an exhibition of products from farmers directly to consumers in order to stimulate the economy and increase sales channels by providing farmers with opportunities and cooperative networks throughout Kalasin Province by bringing produce from the garden to sell, generate income, and alleviate consumer suffering. Other projects, such as the “Moo planit project,” are assisting in lowering pork prices.

5.      The South region

          Yala is the province with the lowest cost of living on Thailand’s southern coast, with monthly costs of 13,596 Baht. However, the Ministry of Commerce assists in reducing the burden of living expenditures in three southern Thai provinces: Yala, Pattani, and Narathiwat. The goods would be cheaper than elsewhere under this project.

These are the top five provinces in each area of Thailand with low expenditures that are suitable for you if you intend to reside in Thailand for an extended period of time. However, I highly recommend you to purchase expat health insurance, specifically Rabbit Care, since if you are sick or suffer bodily injuries while living in the provinces listed above in Thailand, the medical expenses will be covered under the policy.